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Not again, I hear you moan. She has only just returned to blogging and we get another complaint , centred on banal liturgy.

But not today. Today, instead, I look at my breviary during recess break and I think about a way to celebrate feast days this week. Mass and a cake and a Marian table display for the Presentation of Our Lady (November 21)? And it occurs to me that here is the great wisdom of the Church, in celebrating the liturgical year. For each week the solemnities and saints days drag me out of the busyness of my life, make me contemplate the sacred mysteries and this life of Faith, make me take a break and bring the life of Faith to the fore of everydayness.

I am reminded of this quote from “In This House of Brede” by Rumer Godden, a book I read again every few years:

“‘Don’t you see, it’s like a pageant. Our Cardinal has said the liturgy entertains as well as feeds us…Yes, we’re not angels but humans,’ said Dame Clare, ‘and human nature is made so that it needs variety. The Church is like a wise mother and has given us this great cycle of the liturgical year with its different words and colours. You’ll see how you will learn to welcome the feast days and the saints’ days as they come round, each with a different story and, as it were, a different aspect; they grow very dear, though still exacting.’”