Catholicism, Life, Unschooling

The unperfect unschooling mother

“St Paul boasted of the faithfulness and patient endurance of the Christians in Thessalonika, and today, the Church boasts of one saint, a great Christian woman, who embodies this. For what St Paul wrote of the whole community could be applied to her: “we boast of you… for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions which you are enduring”. But many of the details of her life will probably sound very contemporary, and we can identify with them, whether it is her youthful indulgence in over drinking, or her difficult marriage, or her worries over her son. For what St Monica endured is relived in the lives of countless Christian women, and of long-suffering mothers and wives, in every age and culture. So, in celebrating St Monica, we honour those mothers and women who share her pain, and we give thanks to God for the faith which was St Monica’s bedrock, giving her strength, courage, and patient hope. “

So what happens when you are the less than perfect unschooling family? When you know that if you share who you really are and what your life is like, that life that crumbles around you then is built up again, stone by stone, well, if you share you would probably get kicked off those homeschooling lists?

One tendency is to hide. Yet, I think, like St Monica, like Job, like Jacob wrestling in the river, we should share. Talk about our sufferings as well as our joys. Show what unschooling looks like in this world of mayhem and busy, with it’s multitude of choices, with things that can go wrong. And right.

What happens if you are that imperfect unschooling family? You take a deep breath, you pray long and hard. And you share. Because even our poor examples are examples of love and faithfulness.



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