So it’s not a perfect Christmas?

So it’s not a perfect Christmas? You didn’t get the presents all wrapped or bought or you didn’t have money to buy presents at all. People forgot you. Or you forgot someone.

You’re tired or someone else is tired or grumpy .

You didn’t get to all those little traditions, the candles, the crafts. Or you did and they, those kids, that family, just didn’t want to cooperate or join in,

The car breaks down.

The dishwasher breaks.

You burn the turkey (God forbid!).

You are away from the ones you love. You feel unloved.

You feel alone or you wish you could be alone. Memories abound, happy and unhappy.

You know what?

It doesn’t matter. It plain and simple, doesn’t matter.

It’s Christmas for God’s sake. A time for prayer and reflection. For praying at the crèche of the Child Jesus. It’s time for little things and big things: smiles, saying hello, watching a movie, listening to music. Reading a book. Having a glass of wine. Or two. Or a cup of hot tea in a festive mug.

A perfect Christmas doesn’t exist. For Christmas, like life, is full of the spectrum of humanness and of the Divine. We humans bring our grief, our sorrows, our grumpiness, our dark sides, our joy, our laughter, our love, our light sides to Christmas. And The Christ Child meets us there, in all of our Christmases and in our life. In the entire spectrum of life and emotions. With Love.

This is it. This is Christmas. With the nativity of Our Lord and with an attitude of embracing it all, the good and the bad. Love it all. It’s life. Even at Christmas.

5 thoughts on “So it’s not a perfect Christmas?”

  1. Leonie, I just found this address of yours.
    Beautiful post, I think all of those things have happened through the years except the burned turkey. I especially felt like a Christmas failure this year, but you are right that the not-good things are part of what it means as well as the good things. New Year and Epiphany blessings for you and your family.

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