Catholicism, Life, Unschooling

The darker side

We always post the bright side of our lives, don’t we?

Bright, happy homeschooling families.

And rightly so. Because memories are made of this.Because there can be so much sadness in the world, so much negativity, that we want to show the positives of our families, our homeschooling, our lives.

But I wonder sometimes if we do ourselves a disservice.

Maybe sometimes we should post a little about the darker side. The days, months, years even, that things don’t go the way we want. The way they should.

When we are in this dark side, it seems as though nothing can help. Not bright words, not prayer offered as a simple panacea, not cheery positive thoughts, not gratitude lists, not self-help books, not inspirational stories, not sympathy, not people ignoring your plight.

What does help, then?

Time and inner, deep prayer. A cry out. A cry. Tears. Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice.De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine. Psalm 130.

Yes, even Christian homeschooling families, suffer upsets, dysfunction, worries, depression.

A bright day

But you know what? There is a brighter side to the darkness. One day, the cloud doesn’t seem so dark. The burden seems lighter. You reach for that prayer book on your bedside table.

That self-help book you disdainfully tossed aside just a short while ago now seems to offer hope. Your perception changes. You heal. You tell yourself you can do this.

In the end, by telling about the dark side, by sharing the way through, we model for our children, and for others, the true strength of Christ and the value of homeschool, through thick and thin.

Preparation for life? Heck, no, it is life.

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