365 Thank Yous.

I first heard of this book, 365 Thank Yous, over a year ago now, when it was suggested on an Internet forum, as being “life changing”.

The cynical me immediately dismissed it.

Another Pollyanna, cover up reality, pretend everything is good book. Another “secret” book, put this out to the universe kind of garbage. That’s what ran through my head.

But I was wrong,

It was recently recommended again, on the same forum again. I went to the Amazon site this time. I read positive reviews.

What the heck? Cheap on Kindle, give it a whirl.

And I am really enjoying the book. Enjoying the author’s personal story. Enjoying his literary style, his turn of phrase, his descriptions.

And yes, his learning.

What learning?

That a shift in perception, no matter how small, can often be a shift in a better direction.

In setting out to write 365 thank you notes, in an effort to change his life, he found that a perception change occurred, Not a Pollyanna add-on but a way of looking at life, at things. John Kralik writes : ” By the end of February, when someone asked ‘How are you?’, instead of reporting the latest development in my struggles, I noticed something for which I was grateful..” He notes that at first this was unconscious, an unconscious act brought about thinking of and writing the thank you notes.

It’s this gentle attitude adjustment that speaks volumes to me. Already, in reading two thirds of the book, I see how such a small shift makes profound differences,.

No, it’s not that we need to rush out and write 365 thank Yous, it’s more the principle behind the book. That looking at things differently makes us feel differently. When the time is right.

As Kralik says “Whether or not my life had changed, my experience of it, moment by moment had been transformed, When bad things happened, they might slow me, but they no longer unravelled me.”

And, besides all this, the book is just a plain, good read!


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