Cranky women

Do you know a cranky woman?

Do you hear people complain about cranky women?

Yeah, I do too. But you know, sometimes, the crankiness is just plain tiredness. Sometimes the crankiness is just plain hunger.

What this post calls “hangry”… You yelled at your kids or significant other because you were so damned hungry. Acted bitchy because you were starving. And finally threw all caution to the wind and ate, ate everything, no regards to calories (even though you have been stupidly counting them all day..) or nutrition, a slave to feeding your hunger.

I think we women can be the worst culprits here. Simply because we are so good at meeting everyone else’s needs and putting our own needs, yes, even a need for sustenance, last.

Or because we try to exist on low calorie diets to fit a thin ideal.

Thurs: I had actually eaten and thus : not cranky…

Apparently, women also need more sleep than men. If we don’t, over a prolonged period of time, we are more prone to depression.


So what about just taking on self-care, looking after ourselves, not with rules on what to eat and when or on cutting out sugar or adding more on to do lists or whatever is your issue, these are mine… but with being gentle, eating, resting, exercising, smiling, working on our issues and why we, or those next to us, don’t value us. How about taking care of ourselves and who we are, as we are.

Yep, I’m talking to me again.

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