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One step forward, two steps back

Incremental change.

It’s that one step forward two steps back thing. Two steps forward, one step back. And variations on that theme.

You know how it goes. Your child suddenly seems to get reading, to like reading, starts reading all print around him.

Then he stops. Words seem hard, the effort is hard, he forgets words he read last week.

Or, in my personal life, I read, I think, I pray. I think I’ve got it, whatever the it may be (personal growth, a more positive approach with the kids, working on eating and image).

Then something happens and all my new tools fly out the door. I act like a crazed person. Again .

It can be tempting to give up , to think the step backwards is reality.

But it’s not. It’s just a step backwards. It’s slow incremental change, gradually changing and growing. We, and our kids, and our families, can’t make leaps and bounds all the time. Many times, we need to regress to safety; sometimes we just stay where we are.

It’s not stagnant, it’s incremental change,

The trick to remember is to be gentle with ourselves and with others. Remind ourselves that for every step back there will be or has been two steps forward.