The Book Whisperer

“Because reading has more impact on students’ achievement than any other activity in school, setting aside time for reading must be the first activity we teachers write on our lesson plans, not the last. It is said that we make time for what we value, and if we value reading, we much make time for it.”

From a recent read. “The Book Whisperer” by Donnalyn Miller.

And it is true.

Reading impacts thinking.

Reading impacts experience.

Reading builds relationships.

And so, if reading is so important, are we making sure that there is time for reading?

Snatches of time, here and there, interspersed throughout the day.

And concentrated time, when we sit, and our children sit, and our students sit, and our families sit. And just plain read.

I can search Facebook . Or I can read,

Or I can do both.

But is reading first?

It is a challenge to choose a book, e book or otherwise, over the ease of more immediate information on the net or on TV.

However, if what we do forms who we are and speaks of that which we value, let’s sometimes, at least, choose the less easy path.

Let’s read. Let’s enjoy.

Our actions shout out our values, as mothers, as educators, as colleagues.

“Reading ultimately belongs to readers, not schools, and not schoolteachers.” The Book Whisperer.

If we believe this to be true, then we should read.

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