Mirette on the High Wire

The picture book “Mirette in the High Wire” describes Mirette facing her fears and walking on the high wire, the trapeze wire.

Have you had times when you feel like you are walking on that high wire? That balancing act, looking down for the safety net.

And sometimes that safety net is not there.


It’s weird. I never thought I would feel this.

This sense of being without a safety net.

I grew up in a feminist world. We are strong, we are told.

Yet now sometimes I feel a bit untethered. Unprotected.

I never wanted to be protected. But maybe, I knew it was always ok. Because even though I was a strong, independent woman, I felt, somehow unconsciously, that lurking in the wings, was a safety net.

For me, the illusion of having a safety net somewhere there was my safety net.

My feminist self cringes.

My wanting safety net self feels unsure.

Yet there is trust.

As St Teresa of Avila points out, we do have a safety net. It is trust in God.

“Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing frighten you
For all things pass save God
Who does not change.

Be patient, and at the last
You will find all fulfillment.
Hold God, and nothing
Will fail you, for God alone is all.”

Our feminist selves can trust in God. He is our protection.

Not quite Leonie on the high wire.

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