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Meeting people where they are…

I read statements about meeting people where they are.

When it comes to liturgy, to the sacred, please don’t meet me where I am. Engulfed with thoughts about making ends meet, chores, tiredness, to do lists….

Please lift my heart and mind to Our Lord, to the sacred. Please feed my soul with beauty. Please fortify my prayer and worship, with God’s love, so that I can live my life with that love, sharing it with others.

That’s evangelization. Inspire one who can go out and share this inspiration, this love.

Liturgical come-as-you-are, liturgical do-what-you-wish, liturgical it’s-all-about the people (or community) does not lift a soul to God, does not give Him true worship.

It makes it about me.

It makes Christianity and subsequently evangelization, a religion of niceness (as a friend says, Niceness might just be the new, fourth, cardinal virtue).

In which case self-professed atheist Ricky Gervais is right….. if being a Christian is just about niceness, about meeting people where they are, he may be a better Christian than most Christians, as he claims..

But if Christianity is vested in liturgy, in true worship of God, in feeding our souls so that we can help the souls of others to find God, then we may meet people where they are but we then challenge them to an authentic life.

By giving them God’s word, by beauty, by a sense of peace , of another world, a “why” to why we live the life we live, a why to suffering, a means of experiencing deep seated joy.

Attention to the sacred and to beauty in liturgy does this. It is true inclusiveness. It is true worship. It is true evangelization.


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