Mathematics and the high school unschooler

How do you teach maths as an unschooler…don’t they need Maths in high school?

The short answer is both yes and no. They do and don’t need Maths.

Of course, everyone needs maths in every day life and some of my sons have had a natural ability or interest in all things mathematical. Maths for them, has meant higher maths, whether through books like The Joy of Mathematics, texts by Saxon, Kumon maths or the ilk.

For others, higher maths has not been of, well, higher interest. Maths in every day life, maths journals, some text work to meet proficiency has been just right.

Entrance to university? Proficiency in Maths is sufficient for the SATs or STAT. Open Universities here in Australia offer first year university Maths courses or UniLearn courses for those wanting to do degrees with Maths requisites.

It’s been an individualised, teen led approach.

A friend on Facebook recently quoted me, something I’d written  thirteen years ago ( thirteen years! Oh my gosh!) on a homeschooling email list. It related to late readers and children learning to read. But it fits just as well for Maths and learning Maths, in my experience.

“They learn to walk at their own speed and to potty train at their own speed……why can not learning to read be expected to happen in the same way….”

Learning Maths in their own way in high school unschool.

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