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Intuitive Eating and Unschooling

Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss 

As I read  more about intuitive eating, about being a “natural” or “normal” eater, about trust and mindfulness, about dealing with emotions, about the nice girl syndrome, I am struck by many parallels between intuitive eating (IE) and unschooling.

And, perhaps most perturbing, is the fact that practicing intuitive eating with the expectation of weight loss really screws up your ability to eat intuitivelyThe truth is that you can’t be intuitive when you’re looking for a particular result. 

The same could be said for unschooling strewing. We strew with intent but if we strew with strings, if we are anxious about our children picking up items and getting involved, it screws up the unschooling. If, however, we trust  that children ( and adults!) are natural learners and strew with no strings attached, if the children are free to peruse our strewing or not, to follow our ideas or to find their own passions, then learning and curiousity and wonder and joy are more likely to flourish.

Intuitive eating is not about control, it’s about trust.  It’s about trusting your body’s signals of hunger and fullness, desire and satisfaction.  It’s about trusting your body enough to know that it needn’t be so controlled.When you allow yourself to eat intuitively, you will get results. Those results may or may not include weight loss, but they will definitely include something more.  They will include a letting go of the daily stress of worrying about food and weight.  They will include feeling at peace with your body and it’s needs.  They will include a new spaciousness in your life for joy, an openness to possibilities, a willingness to love and approve of yourself and be the fully-embodied person you were born to be.

The same could be said of unschooling. You “get results” when you focus on your child, your family, your environment, your community, your interests and passions, your life and not solely om educational or other outcomes.

Can you tell I am enjoying my Intuitive Eating journey, that its principles resonate with me, with what I have already learned by unschooling?


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