Nice Girls Finish Fat

A little breakthrough today, in my nice girl, food and feelings explorations.

I was upset by something. Pretty upset. I felt a headache approaching. I wanted to curl up or go away. And most of all, the rocky road ice cream and chocolate biscuits called.

Eating tends to make me feel good, temporarily, and puts off dealing with the emotion. I eat, I delay thinking and feeling.

Knowing this about myself, I told myself that I could delay eating. I could have the food I wanted later ( to say no to the comfort of food altogether would have been an added stress). But first I sat with the feeling, head in hands. I thought it through. I allowed myself to get angry. I got up and did a few things from my To Do list. I took a rest, still knowing I could have the food later.

And did I ? Well, I didn’t binge eat and I didn’t die from letting myself experience the upsetting emotions and I ended up being satisfied with one coffee and one biscuit.

A breakthrough.

Still working my way through:

Nice Girls Finish Fat

The Rules of Normal Eating

The Food and Feelings Workbook

Fed Up

Intuitive Eating

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