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What are we teaching our kids?

We unschoolers like to say we learn from life?

I find that my sons learn from me.

Not from my wonderful didactic moments. Not always from what I strew. But from me and from my life. . My actions and life speak volumes. Teach volumes.

I am a hard worker, I never give up, I keep on keeping on, I pray. These are my good qualities and much of these I see replicated in my sons.But what about the rest? What about the woman who is nice at all costs, who eats her emotions, who kills herself trying to do everything and be everything. Yes, I see some of my sons following this same route of pushing themselves to do everything and do it well.  And it’s not always good.

We all learn from life and from our families. In this sense, one could say we are all unschoolers. Yet unschoolers try, or should try, to do this unschooling with intent and not by default.

Which is why prayer and self reflection and introspection are necessary for unschooling mothers. For this unschooling mother.

“The teacher thus needs a basic education in dogma and asceticism. Apologetics is certainly also good, but the former seems more important to me: ready arguments, as right as they may be, often do not have penetrating force. But she whose soul is formed through the truths of faith — and I call this ascetic formation — finds words which are proper for this human being and for this moment respectively.” St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)


2 thoughts on “What are we teaching our kids?”

  1. “…ready arguments, as right as they may be, often do not have penetrating force.” And these sorts of arguments are quite prevalent on Facebook, aren’t they. I try not to post such things, but can’t resist sometimes. St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, pray for me to be strong!

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