Strewsday Tuesday..or any other day

It was Strewsday Tuesday this week.

 And I’m late again.

 Which got me thinking. What did I strew Tuesday, or any other day for that matter? What one thing has been my major strewing each day this week?

 Sunday was White Chocolate Mousse for the Ascension. We talked about adapting our chocolate mousse recipe for a white mousse. And it was successful.

 Monday I took Anthony and his friend to their Old Testament Greek class. And talked about homework.

 Tuesday I met the sons at the book launch of Patrick Madrid’s new book, A Year With the Bible, looking at books and DVDs and discussing philosophy.

 Wednesday was drama class and an extra friend over, making two friends for a sleepover.

 Thursday was the library and then time to hang out at the shops. Friday? Greek homework, Mass in the Extraordinary Form, piano lessons, youth group.

 Saturday a flight to Melbourne and a day looking at op shops, retro clothing shops, an afternoon at the book store.

 Sunday… Mass for Pentecost, MIB3 and a long, late lunch.

 Tomorrow? Monday? The Mesopotamia Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

 And none of this counts all the little every day, incidental strewing, the conversations, the books… Strewing equals learning equals memories equals life.

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