Absolute quiet.


Everyone facing one way.


The faithful.

We all prayed in sacred silence at the consecration and elevation during Holy Mass.

In adoration.

It was all about Our Lord.

And so I prayed at Mass  on Candlemas.

In direct contrast to a conversation awhile back. wherein a friend mentioned that we needed the children to perform liturgical dance in a mass that was being planned, so the “children would feel special and that it’s all about them.”

But it’s not. I’ts not all about them. Or us. 

It’s about God.

And in our busy, entertainment oriented world, how nice it is for children to be given a sacred space, a quiet place, a place to learn that they are special, with God, in adoration of God. . 

How important, too, for catechesis. 

The  sacred liturgy, the formal worship of God the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit, is indeed “the privileged place for catechizing the people of God.” (CCC 1074)

2 thoughts on “Catechesis”

  1. Your blog is beautiful Leonie. I love the sacredness and peace that comes with it. I am new to *unschooling* and met you though *A Little Way…* and the Yahoo group. Have a blessed day. ~Theresa

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