Strewsday Thursday

It’s Strewsday Tuesday!

Well, officially it’s Strewsday Thursday but that doesn’t fit now, does it?

What have we strewed this week..for learning…in our unschooling life?

Museums. Again.

We seem to have a penchant for museums, wandering around, looking at those displays and objects that catch our eyes.

On Friday, it was the National Museum in Sydney. We mostly explored dinosaurs and native Australia.

And the National Geographic Wildlife photo competition. 

On Tuesday we explored the Melbourne Museum. In which I was enamoured of the Melbourne Gallery….Photos and artifacts and memorabilia from old Melbourne.

I sat in a 1960s sitting room and watched old TV shows….Homicide, IMT.

I fell in love with kitchen appliances from the 50s and 60s…A cute pink Mixmaster. A cunning Spacemaster refrigerator.

Then today we visited ACMI again…a Melbourne perennial, Australian Centre for Moving Images. And again I was immersed in digital technology. Indi gaming and early Aussie cop dramas. 

Museums are like microcosms of the unschooling life. Bits of information presented here and there, glimpses of possible future interest or passions or rabbit trails, discussion starters, learning via absorption. 

Easy, interesting, family time strewing. 

4 thoughts on “Strewsday Thursday”

  1. Getting to a museum always seems like a major accomplishment to me. Dealing with traffic and parking and some of my kids just don't enjoy them all that much. So we have to be in a definite kind of mood to enjoy the museum. Usually there has to be a specific exhibit that we are interested in or sometimes the kids learn about something and then remember something they saw some time before that they suddenly want to go back to see. Anyway, sounds like you are having a full week! Enjoy!

  2. I just wish they weren't so expensive. Or that the occasional free days weren't packed. Or that my kids didn't grown when they figure out what I have in mind (they enjoy it once there–or at least do a darned good job of pretending!!)

  3. Luckily, some museums are free (eg ACMI, Hawkesbury) and most years that I can afford it I buy a museum pass for the year..so the family gets in to museums across Australia for free!

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