That October Challenge!

“I had at last become a true child of the modern world,completely tangled up in petty and useless concerns with myself..” Thomas Merton, in The Seven Storey Mountain.

And so I consider these words as I continue with my October Challenge. I want to be healthier and fitter, and lets face it , look better …. I want it all… Fitness and holiness, without concern for self.

Can the two mesh together?

And is this a dilemma of the modern age?

It has cast a new slant on my October Challenge.

As Merton before me, I could be in danger of ..”worrying about a lot of imaginary rules of health, standards of food value….”

My October Challenge is attempting to eat with some balance…not often achieved but those days that I do are glorious. And I note that these days are more often weekends, days that are busy and full but without my crazy work schedules.

My fitness has been that walking/jogging rotation…and I am loving it! I am singing, I am walking and jogging and dancing and I am enjoying not feeling so worn out after a workout…you know, when I am often busy and sleep deprived, adding a push myself to my limits workout can be fun..but exhausting. Walking and jogging every day, with a little bit of strength training, makes me feel less tired right now…and it’s great to do cardio every day…great fun and good for health and body…and mind ( those prayers while working out). And I can push myself and feel worked out, nicely tired…not I-can’t-make-it-up-the-stairs tired.

One more week of the October Challenge to go!

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