Dead people as friends…St Teresa of Avila

“The highest perfection consists not in interior favours or in great rapture, but in bringing of our wills so closely into conformity with the will of God that as soon as we realize that He wills anything, we desire it ourselves with all our might.”

St Teresa is one of my “mentor” saints. I read her writings, I look to her for inspiration.

She is my friend.

Yes, dead people as friends…read my post here.

I think St Teresa may be horrified at parts of who I am, a modern techi-devoted, Singstar and workout devoted,  working and homeschooling, wife and mother…but I like to think we would share the same sense of humour, sense of duty, love for our Faith, love for God.

And so we cooked a Spanish flavoured dinner for St Teresa’s feast day, October 12. I shared the recipes in my regular food- for -the -liturgical -year “column” on the Australian Catholic Families blog.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote that St Teresa had a ” a profound and articulate spirituality” and reminds us to emulate St Teresa, in  seeking God’s friendship every day, in prayer…for time spent in prayer is not time wasted. ( Blog of the MI Australia).

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