Unschooling quotes..

From yesterday, a very busy day of work and work meetings…“I am so glad I unschool, I wouldn’t have time to homeschool…”

Which is not strictly true, unschooling does take time but a very different sort of time. Or management. Or supervision. As in yesterday, when I was out at work and work meeting, unschooling didn’t mean leaving Anthony to his own devices. Instead, it meant me encouraging him to go to university with his brothers, take his maths and Physics to work on, hang out at the library and with his brothers and their friends…
From today…looking at the clock and knowing it is almost time for us to leave for my Kumon centre…“Where did the time go??? and no schoolwork!”
At which comment we both laughed..because Anthony has spent time reading his book, the book borrowed from the university library yesterday. “The Greatness That Was Babylon.”
Unschooling quotes, out of context, can be misleading….

4 thoughts on “Unschooling quotes..”

  1. I just tagged you for the homeschooling resource meme, Leonie – then, I arrived at your blog and discovered that, not only are you very busy, but Leanne has already tagged you!Oh well, it would be great to read your contribution – especially, considering all your knowledge and experience with unschooling:)

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