Fitness. Highs. Lows.

Fitness Highs and Lows
July Highs
1. Did copious weights workouts. Kelley Coffey-Myers 30 Minutes to Fitness Weights and Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped, split onto the two thirty minute workouts. When work is busy and I am short of time…I need thirty minute workouts. But tough, effective ones. These two are great, especially for biceps and pecs and both are active so get your heart rate up for a cardio effect (think Body Pump classes).
2. Read some stuff on the whys of eating….parts of the Don’t Go Hungry For Life book, parts of Losing It In France, parts of Intuitve Eating.
What is intuitive eating?
“It is free of obsession. It acknowledges that our compulsions are due to biochemical or emotional reasons and any over- or under-eating is a clue to begin looking further as an opportunity for learning.”
3. I went to a dinner dance on Saturday night and I ate all three courses but only half of everything…it’s okay, others at the table liked my leftovers! Half my pumpkin soup, half the fish and vegetables, half the caramel apple tart. And practiced some moderation with alcohol! Woo hoo!
July Lows
1. I put on some kilos. Yes, that little, horrible, sneaky weight trip. I realize that for me it’s not enough to try to be intuitive, to be honest ….less intuition and more self discipline seem to be the ticket here. I mean, the feel good stuff is good is but I need plans and action. I’m just that kind of person. Hence my moderation at the dinner dance (see above) and my moderation all weekend. Go girl!
2. Not enough cardio. In line with the above, I realized that I need more cardio. Tough love. The last two days I have been doing those walking and jogging workouts, 45 minutes. I kind of like those endorphins and I need that cardio to lose that weight. Your mileage may vary but this works for me. And changing it up.
3. I hate my body. There, I said it. Not following a plan makes me feel fat, and makes me actually fat…those kilos I mentioned above. My skinny jeans fit but I look fat in them. My abs have gone to hell. See what happens when I don’t watch what I eat…whereas two days of cardio and A Plan make me feel less fat… Sure I haven’t lost weight yet, weight loss is slow for me, I know I am always in this for life and I am not after fast weight loss or a perfect body…but I feel more in control with that sensible eating plan. An “I’ve got this covered” feeling!
So there you have it. My July fitness post.
I’ve brushed myself off, thinking positively, dragged out some old mottoes, created some new.
“I’ve lost 40 kg in the last, a few kgs now won’t be hard.” No, that one doesn’t work anymore. feel like a failure.
” I take care of myself.” Yes, that’s a new one but a good one. A reminder when I want to turn to food.
” What I want most, WIWM.” Yep, that still works. I really want to be healthier, look better in my clothes, not avoid the mirror when I’m wearing my skinny jeans or getting dressed.
” It’s not an option INO.” From Secrets of a Former Fat Girl. And, yes, it’s not an option to drop the plan, I’m not like other people who can eat or not eat and not worry. I have a history of eating disorders so their eating and exercise habits are not an option for me.
And – ” I don’t do that any more.” No, I don’t. Or I tell myself I don’t. Don’t eat emotionally, for example. Don’t expect perfection. Don’t make it too hard or too easy on myself.
I don’t.
Do you have any July fitness highs and lows?

2 thoughts on “Fitness. Highs. Lows.”

  1. Thank you, Chris! I think blogs should be honest and about sharing..well, most things!I like making plans.And for me it's always that one step forward, one step back thing.

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