Fitness today

Fitness today
Workout: The FIRM Ignite Calorie Burn
Food epiphany: 1. Sometimes I can eat calorie controlled junk instead of dinner. Really. No guilt.
2 it’s good to eat breakfast ( muesli and low fat yogurt) even if it’s at 10,30 am.
3. From Nice Girls Finish Fat – one doesn’t always have to be perfect, do everything well.
General: I lost over a kg this week. With cardio ( mostly Just Sweat), calorie awareness and mindfulness.
The FIRM Ignite workout is two workouts, each roughly twenty minutes. You can do one or both workouts and , to my mind, are the FIRM’s answer to the very popular Jillian Michaels’ twenty minute workouts. High intensity cardio bursts with strength training intervals.
I like these workouts. The two instructors, Emily and Rebekah, are encouraging. Since the strength training is not done at lightening speed, I can actually go a bit heavier than I can with Jillian. I used 3 kgs.
There are cardio bursts, each athletic and each eight seconds. Four in a row, with twelve second recovery moves in between, before the next strength training or cardio or standing abs.
Today I fell flat on my face, doing the big boy push ups and tricep kickbacks with weights, in Rebekah’s Interval Blast The workout fairy must have had a good laugh!
And the morning glories, with bicep curl and overhead press…well let’s just say a core and balance challenge for this mum of seven!
I’d rate the workouts high intermediate or low advanced. Not killer. But good. One could make it easier with low impact and lighter weights. Or harder with even more energy and heavier weights.
And twenty minutes on time challenged days is super…good calorie burn intervals equal the burn of slower, steady rate cardio.
And fun! The fun factor, you know, is pretty important to me.
So, another fitness post! Check in next week for an update….

4 thoughts on “Fitness today”

  1. No, I didn't end up getting the DVDS–just borrowed from the library. I need to get up and WALK, get up and lift weights [we own a set and a weight bench] I need MOTIVATION!!!! Instead, I spent the three day weekend reading MORE good books!! lol….. You might want to check out my reviews….And, I definitely need to check out some more dvds and get myself moving!

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