A snapshot

I keep a sometimes journal, a sometimes log of our unschooling activities. I aim to do it daily, to meet Homeschool regulations .
Many days I list our activities in curriculum areas.
Some days I list the educational outcomes matched to the activities.
And the best diary days are those little lists of our days.
Just a list.
Just a snapshot.
Of the days and of the learning.
So here is a snapshot of Friday.
Anthony has been wanting to visit the crypt of St Mary’s Cathedral for awhile. And so have I! I thought after am work and before pm work we could squeeze it in.

We were going to go with friends but that didn’t pan out. So we went. Nothing stops we intrepid unschoolers.
I came home from work, Anthony’s brothers left for college. Anthony was gaming with his brothers then played piano. I hope he tidied his room!
We drove into the city, Anthony choosing music on my iPod on the way,
And wandered and wandered around the crypt, using the map and description and recalling our long ago reading of the Pictotial History of the Catholic Cburch. Made a note to strew those books again this week.
Prayed. Visited stain glass. Prayed again.
We searched and searched for the remains of the original cathedral ..and celebrated our finding with a photo on Facebook and a Mr Whippy ice cream.
Walked around Hyde Park. Watched a chess game in the park.
Sat in the sun on the grass and met friends for lunch. Sitting in the sun, eating, chatting.
Then home. In a traffic jam. A race because I had to get to work.
I dropped Anthony at the local library, with an errand to visit the ABC store for me. He caught the bus to piano lessons and then had a hot chocolate and a cookie at Subway, waiting for me to pick him up after work. And read more of A Little Princess. I know. He told me about his reading in the car!
Then when I was at mass Anthony went to youth group in our parish. With his brothers,
And home again. For more reading and a family viewing of one episode of Murder She Wrote.
I still have that crime unschooling rabbit trail in mind….last year it was a romantic comedy rabbit trail…why not crime movies this year..
Yes, why not?
From museums to churches to romantic comedies to crime genre. A snapshot.
Of unschooling.

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