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Strewing the month of May

The month of May is dedicated to Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

I often seem to be the antithesis of the qualities ascribed to Mary…the antithesis of holy, gentle, loving.

Yet I take hope in her intercession for me, her love for me. That I will act as I am called.

Mary’s prayers for her children are powerful indeed.

For…Mary was raised to the dignity of Mother of God rather for sinners than for the just, since Jesus Christ declares that he came to call not the just, but sinners. — St. Anselm

Here is one of our table displays for the month of May. How comforting to come downstairs and have this greet me, of a morning. To have this greet the family, as they, too, wander downstairs, half awake.

Don’t talk to us in the morning. If you can help it. We are not really morning people. Let us just be. Let us just gaze. At our current unschooling strewing.

An icon of Our Lady.

All my own perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded upon Our Lady.
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Mary as mother is an unschooling wife and mother’s hope. We place our hope, our trust, our motherly and wifely worries in her care…and we know she will intercede for us to Christ, her son, Our Lord.

So perhaps as we look at unschooling strewing, so perhaps we can strew Mary in the month of May… icons, prayers, consecration, the Rosary, quotes from the saints and from the Catechism, books.

Our lives, dedicated to our Blessed Mother and her Son, to our families.

The measure of unschooling is, in part, us…who we are speaks volumes to our family… and our children become snapshots of their life with us. Of their unschooling, learn-and-live-and-share lives.

Yes. As we follow Mary today so we show Christ to our family.

The reason why Christ is unknown today is because His Mother is unknown. Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman

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