Dress for the occasion

I may be judgmental but I just think the clothes should be suitable for the occasion.

This is coming from a homeschooling mum who loves short-ish skirts and casual clothes and knee high funky socks and bright coloured stockings!

But you know, very short shorts and low cut strappy tops worn to mass just don’t do it for me.

You dress for the occasion.

And thus, when I went to the RCIA Rite of Election in a cathedral, did I wear my short skirt and gold flat sandals, as RCIA Coordinator in my parish and as a sponsor for one of the catechumens?

No, I wore a safe black skirt and wedge heels.

The friar with me wore his habit. Of course. ( And thanks be to God for the orthodoxy of these friars. My family is blessed by their example )

So, tell me, why is it that a few priests stood up for their parishes, and for the elect, wearing not clerical dress, not even the white shirt and black trousers worn by many Australian clerics, but in checked shirts, khaki or cream trousers, sandals?

The priests in clerical dress were noticeable by their dress. We knew they were priests before their names were called.

And the others? If I know enough, as a laywoman , to dress appropriately for liturgy in the cathedral, how come these priests do not?

Don’t give me that line about clothes not making the man. If clothes don’t make the man, the vocation, then why not just wear some form of clerical dress… No time wasted in deciding what to wear, thoughts given to other areas not clothing, and let people know who you are… A priest, before God, at a solemn occasion.

Harangue me if you like for being judgmental but commonsense tells it like it is…. Don’t wear your Paris Hilton lookalike party dress to mass…If you are a priest or religious at least wear clerical dress or habit for solemn occasions in the Church.

Dress appropriately for the occasion.

8 thoughts on “Dress for the occasion”

  1. Dear Leonie,I couldn't agree more on this topic.I think we need reminders for people to say" Yes that is right" and to be voices in the wildernessBlessings Gae

  2. Actually, I'm shocked. I really am. Not wearing clericals when on vacation – yes, I can understand. But to be at Mass in the cathedral, and neglect one's attire to that degree is mind-boggling.

  3. I agree. When people are attending Church they should dress appropriately to reflect the revence and respect they should have for what is happening in the Church especially serving and taking communion.

  4. Why do so many priests not wear clericals? Don't they want everyone to know they are priests? Surely they are not embarassed to be seen as representatives of God? Once at a homeschooling camp, we were fortunate to have a couple of Christ the Priest priests as chaplains. They swept in, donned in their clericals and absolutely captured the attention of all the children. Clothes do make a difference!As for comfort, I know a priest who wouldn't be seen without his clericals except when he is fence building, and even then he wears small crosses on both sides of his shirt collar.

  5. There are conditions about attire in places of employment! Why shouldn't there be standards in places of worship?Well said, Leonie!If we believe that we're going to see the King, then we dress for it, no?

  6. Nothing like a [however unintentional] butt crack or cleavage malfunction to get your mind off prayer! Then there was the young woman who wore a very nice bra totally unaware that the back of her dress left it completely exposed. [I know she was unaware because I was in the ladies room when a friend of hers offered her a sweatshirt!!] Same goes for tattoos that can't be covered by dress close. Tear drops tattooed on the face of a gang member are not really mainstream. Tatoos, IMHO, should ALWAYS be covered by dress clothes. I stand with the Marines in not allowing them to show when on parade!! Good post!

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