Like Nim’s Island

I don’t have to go to school, I’m home schooled.

That book, Nim’s Island. A great adventure story. Totally believable yet unbelievable.

A bit like unschooling.

Your kids don’t go to school?

To many, that is an unbelievable concept.

But the learning is believable. The reading. The discussions. The self discipline.

Self discipline?

Yes, because while we don’t have school structure, we do have family and life and work structure.

So, I hear a son say ” I will come to play Band Hero, in half an hour, another half hour of writing.”

Or I see a son reading Mathematician’s Delight during his university holidays.

Or practice the piano, several times a day, without a reminder.

That unbelievable concept of unschooliing, lived out, as Nim lived her life, learning in freedom, in that book and movie.

5 thoughts on “Like Nim’s Island”

  1. I loved Jodir Foster in that movie! And yes unschooling is great … Like today we talked a bit about St Scholastica so one son goes off to research the St Scholastica riots… It's all related!

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