Today in homeschooling fashion…

I found a lovely blog the other day. A week in pictures . Of long skirts every day. Of how this homeschooler goes about her busy week, looks gorgeous and feminine, and never wears jeans.

Now, I am not a member of the no jeans long skirt homeschooler club. I do wear skirts more than jeans and rarely wear long skirts. And I don’t look gorgeous. But I thought it would be fun to do homeschooler mums and clothing posts.

So this is today, clothing for mass, appointments, grocery shopping. And dinner at the beach. On a hot Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Today in homeschooling fashion…”

  1. Ok, so what are you suggesting? That we take a few photo's of ourselves over the week or just one photo?I live in athletic leggins (if only I had the athletic body to match!!) but also wear jeans. However, I often wear a maxi dress when I got outside the house. I couldn't pick just one photo.

  2. Go on! Play! Pick one day and one photo ( just an ordinary one like me..no glamming up!)…and post.Lets see what we real homeschool mums look like! šŸ™‚

  3. Dear Leonie,I mostly wear skirts/dresses but will occasionaly wear jeans, 3/4 pants.I would be interested in the blog too Leonie.What about PJ's though do these women wear only nighties or pants and shirt PJ's?

  4. Ooh – you're in summer! It's freezing here this a.m. I'm wearing an Eyeore sweatshirt, sweatpants, mismatched fuzzy socks and a pair of my dc's sherpa lined slippers ;-)You look beautiful Leonie :-)Maybe I'll let the dc loose with the camera next week and post some pics…

  5. We never have a whole day home! Any day you choose, but it can't be a day of I'm getting dressed up for the camera…or you can do a week. But keep it real! LOL! I will look for the blog URL, I didn't save it in faves, was just something I stumbled on…you know, surfing homeschool blogs, as you do!

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