Strewing nooks.

Strewing. As in leaving around inspiring materials, new arrangements, anything to spark an interest, and exposure, to new ideas and activities, or to re-kindle an interest in old things, old pastimes, old interests. For ourselves, our children, our friends.

An integral part of unschooling.

Lisa has pix on her blog, of her recent unschooling strewing. And so I thought..yes. I’ll play!

Here are some of our recent strewing nooks.

Nooks?, you say. A small corner, alcove, or recess, a hidden or secluded spot, a retreat. .

Even the definition sounds cosy.

The cookbook nook…our three new cookbooks on display, for perusing, for reading for cooking!
Our new journaling nook, complete with journals and gel pens. Feel like writing, anyone? The old fashioned way? No Tumblr, Facebook, or Blogger (although this nook exists on the computer tables in the dining room).
The “Look at me! Interesting books to read!”nook..on display in the sitting room/pool room. Who can resist a peek?
And the tea and saints nook, an alcove in the kitchen. As one makes tea ( a recurrent pastime in this house), as one washes up, one sees the saint for the day..and glorious artwork.


4 thoughts on “Strewing nooks.”

  1. Saints and tea just seem to go together, don't they? :-)Mary, good luck! Its been cold where you are, hasn't it? And yes, Sarah, nook is a snuggle word.Lisa, thanks for your pix – Sarah and Mary, let me know if you post any strewing places/strewing nooks pix on your blogs.

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