To Love

I have written before of St Bernard of Clairvaux,and how the saint’s writings on Mary helped me to understand the role of Our Lady, something I found difficult on my conversion to Catholicism.

We remember St Bernard today, August 20.

Late last night I did several internet searches and read, read, read more of the Saint’s writings. This time on love, love of God.

A homeschooling wife and mother’s vocation is centred on love, isn’t it? We love Our Lord; this love, in turn, helps us love our spouses, our children, our family, our friends.

Homeschooling, itself, is an act of love.

And those like me, who love imperfectly, can benefit from the writings of St Bernard. This knowledge becomes practice, over time; the reading and the exercise of faith become infused with love, God’s love, and with wisdom, God’s wisdom.

You want me to tell you why and in what measure God is to be loved. I reply, the reason for loving God is God himself, and the measure, is to love without measure. St Bernard,

On Loving God

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