Daybook Autumn 2010

I haven’t done a Daybook for a long while, but have enjoyed reading the Daybooks of others, on their blogs, so here goes….

One of my favourite things. . . my workouts. I am feeling back to eating healthy and to tougher workouts to lose 5kg. What workouts? Jillian Michaels’ …especially her ones that are high impact, strength, interval, good for time crunched people. I love feeling better and pushing myself with puke-in-a-bucket workouts! What healthy eating? Rules (Secrets of a Former Fat Girl) and a “normal” eating plan ( The Ten Commandments of Losing Weight)

Outside my window. . .A sunny autumn day. Washing on the line. I can see the small green capsicums on the bush near the dining room window. On the weekend, I made home made pizza, with fresh herbs and capsicum picked from our little, little garden!

I am reading. . . Breath by Tim Winton, on loan..and The Associate by John Grisham. In my reading pile I also have The Cardinal, Lessons From Blackberry Inn, another book on loan from a friend ( the title currently eludes me), and the diet books above ( re-reading).

I am thinking. . .about this article by Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, on the dangers of pornography. Excellent article. “The claim that pornography “enriches” relationships mocks those whose marriages and families it has destroyed.”

I am thankful for. . . really nice weather. Cold mornings and evenings but pleasant, sunny days. Made our weekend, with my father in law visiting, a success. We didn’t have to stand at the Welcome Wall in Darling Harbour , with umbrellas, in rain…

From the learning rooms. . . it is Harry Potter week! So, Anthony is writing a mini Harry Potter inspired essay… And I got my essay back, the one on Christian Leadership, the one I felt unsure about because I did it At The Last Minute and Late At Night. I received full marks. Woo hoo!

From the kitchen. . .Thomas is making cupcakes for Harry Potter week – we are decorating them with jelly in Bertie Bott’s All Flavour Beans. I am going to put a split pea and vegetable soup in the crockpot for dinner, to have after work tonight. While watching last night’s Dr Who.

I am wearing. . . well, I am still in the workout clothes I wore to 7am mass. After mass, I cleaned up my bedroom, re-organised a cupboard there, got breakfast for my father in law and, finally did a workout. Then went straight into my day ( yes, I ate breakfast at 9.30 am but I am really trying to get back into the habit of breakfast, no matter how late!). So, haven’t got around to changing yet!

I am creating. . . our May bulletin board. Pics of Luke ( birthday May 21), an icon of Mary, Our Lady, for the month of May, and a Harry Potter poster. Of course.

I am going. . .to Melbourne for two days, in two weeks. Dh is in Melbourne for work; I am joining him for the last two days of his trip.

I am hearing. . .actually, the house is pretty quiet. Thomas is talking. Greg, Anthony and I are typing away at the computer. It is a quiet house and quiet morning today.

Around the house. . .I hope to find time on the weekend to clean exhaust fans and air conditioning vents. And to start tackling some of the re-organisation projects I have in mind. But time is precious and I get very few big bursts of we will see!

I am praying for… priests, religious and for vocations. It was the first Sunday of the month yesterday and we have the first Thursday this week. Aiming to imitate the mothers of Lu and continue to dedicate prayers .

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . . Spanish class tomorrow..need to find a good resource! Work and more work. Helping a friend pack while kids play games. Watching Dr Who and Numbers and Harry Potter. Doctors’ appointments. Maybe the hairdresser. First Friday mass and devotions. Eggs for dinner tomorrow night; Thai Vegetable Soup Wednesday night; who knows the rest of the week??

Here are some pictures that I am sharing..


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