Five Fun Fast Facts…

..about chickens. That was one of Thomas and Anthony’s tasks to day. To find and write those fun fast facts.

Did you know chickens originally came from India? Were domesticated by the Vietnamese? That domesticated chickens look vastly different to wild chickens?

I know you are wondering – why this chicken love?

We have been looking after the chickens for the friars in our parish, while the friars have been in Chapter. Such cute things – the chickens that is, not the friars! And so this daily care-of-chickens started a whole (mini ) chicken homeschooling rabbit trail. Er, chicken trail. Unit study, themed study, integrated unit, I mean…

I looked up info on the skeleton of the chicken. We made a poster. The kids did the FFFF.

Then I stumbed onto this site. Chickensaurus. Guess what we are planning for dinner next week – a roast chicken . Like Geekdad , we can save and bleach the chicken bones and re-assemble the chicken skeleton.

The kids don’t think it will be fun ~ but I do. It is even scientific.

7 thoughts on “Five Fun Fast Facts…”

  1. Jackie French's 'Chook Book' is a good read on chooks. My son also _loved_ Earth Garden's 'Chook Wisdom' when he was 2 or 3—there's a photo gallery in the middle he used to _pore_ over:-)

  2. related to this….Have you ever tried to cut a roast chicken like Chinese cooks do and then reassemble it on the platter? Much harder than it looks! There are also ways to "preserve" a chicken mummy! Just google it–lots of salt and lots of frige time!

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