What is it …

….about feeling bad that makes me want to eat junk? What do I think it is going to do?

Well, I mostly resisted. And I drank some cocktails, Sang some songs on Singstar. Played Wii Sport Resort. Texted .

Oh, and prayed.

Food can never just be about the bald story of the recipe: the meals we eat say something fundamental about who we are and how we want to live. Whenever an occasion matters to us, we mark this with food, from a birthday cake to a wedding breakfast. But Feast is not just about big-deal special occasions: it’s about the way we use food to celebrate life. Nigella Lawson

Make sickness itself a prayer, for there is none more powerful, save martyrdom!– Saint Francis de Sales

Make sadness, grumpiness, crossness, worry, themselves, a prayer?

Prayer and Singstar. A great combo! With that chocolate and ice cream above – at least I served it nicely, I didn’t stand at the fridge and spoon food into my mouth!

2 thoughts on “What is it …”

  1. Don't you just love Nigella Lawson……boy that girl can eat!! I often wonder if it is really true or just for show, I mean, I would love to be like that but would end up looking like the back of an elephant.Good on you for putting the ice cream in a bowl. I am guilty of standing at the fridge door having the odd spoon fall and forgetting to add it to my calories comsumed list!

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