Just another unschooling teen group Friday…

Fridays can be fun days! Just ask any local unschooling/homeschooling teen.

July 3. Chores, workout, computer, morning prayers, read about St Thomas…We went to Mass, for First Friday. Feast of St Thomas the Apostle. Both Anthony and Thomas served.

Looked at the fishpond outside the church and talked to some little children about the fish ~ I have a favourite fish, I call him Michael! And talked to Fr.

Then the younger three sons and I went off on the motorway to the city, listening to a Michael Jackson CD on the way. Singing along. At the top of our voices.

We met up with some other homeschoolers ~ teens, mums, younger siblings ~ at the Sydney Museum. A book launch was underway, we stepped around and wandered all over the museum, looking at the history of Sydney town and at the special exhibition on trams. Found some online study guides,
perhaps we can follow up this week.

Lunch followed a lengthy browse in the museum gift shop….lunch choice to suit different families..and some of us chose the restaurant City Extra at Circular Quay- because kids asked for it! Warm potato soup and salad for me.

Home again, for work, jobs, chores, errands, work on Chinese assignment, finish off and email Italian assignment. And an Indian dinner for St Thomas the Apostle ( see below). Conversation with a visitor. Movies with friends- Terminator Salvation – for some of the kids.
Cos that’s my fun day..My I don’t have to run day!..to quote The Bangles.

Well, we nearly always run around, and I do try to pack a lot into a day, a day of both education ( history) and fun.


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