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Sts Peter and Paul

We remember these saints today, on the closing of the Year of St Paul.

I had a goal to read aloud, to the kids , the writings of St Paul from the Bible this past year – had a plan, too! But I only managed to read aloud, to the kids, The Acts of the Apostles and St Paul’s letter to the Romans. Oh, well. We have read a lot about the Saints and the liturgical year and read through religion books so this bit of reading aloud counts. I guess.

I went to seven o’clock mass this morning, a cold yet peaceful start to the day. Will read to the kids about the saints. Then, a day of Kumon stuff, emails and phone calls for me; a lady from the parish over for a cuppa and chat/listen; Kumon Maths, language study ( Chinese or Italian or Latin) for the kids, with their own personal stuff ( probably rpgs and blogs and Arkadian for Anthony!); we will all work at Kumon and maybe dh and Anny can go to Mass this evening for Sts Peter and Paul. Plus, I need to do some Kumon Maths study myself tonight, to reach my goal of completing the programme at the end of the year. Gosh, me and my long list of goals, many of which I never reach in the deadline set…although I do often get there eventually!
Deus, qui hodiernam diem Apostolorum tuorum Petri et Pauli martyrio consecrasti: da Ecclesiae tuae, eorum in omnibus sequi praeceptum; per quos religionis sumpsit exordium.
God, who consecrated this day by the martyrdom of your blessed apostles Peter and Paul: Grant that your church diffused throughout the whole world may always be governed by the teaching of those through whom she received the beginning of her religion.
The thread of the Collect? I see it as the passing on and building on the foundation of the faith that was taught, lived, and died for by the apostles.

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