Relieved in Cebu

Relieved? Here at the Kumon conference, at the sumptious ShangriLa Resort in the Philippines?

Well, relieved because my presentation is over.

On helping a child reach potential through reading. Love of reading. Reading widely.

Our wish is to see them (children) develop the ability to think wisely. Language is the key to wise thinking; particularly a high degree of ability in one’s native language. Mr. Toru Kumon.

What else have I done in Cebu? I know you are dying to find if!

Last night, explored the resort, met some nice men from Tokyo who loved that I loved their city, had frozen margaritas and calamari in the bar at eleven pm for a very late dinner.

Up at five am this morning – already hot and humid! Jogged on the private beach, walked around the island, exploring the streets where the locals live…very different to the resort. Another supervisor and I visited the shrine of Lapu-Lapu, and the landmark erected to remember Majellan in 1512. Will probably post pics here or on Facebook at some stage…

Ate some dried fish for breakfast, a Cebu speciality!

Learned a lot about the English programme in particular at the conference, even though it KILLS me to sit still..Talked to lots of other supervisors and staff – some old friends, made some new friends…texted family..worried about looking fat in my presentation talk (others worried about their talk, I worried about my fat stomach!).

Prayed at Mass in the Chapel..tonight is the Kumon conference dinner and then we are hitting the bar and the karaoke! And tomorrow up at 4.30 am to get ready to catch a taxi at 5.30 am mass at the Basilica del Sto. Niño – of the Baby Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Relieved in Cebu”

  1. Very cool! How fun for you and congrats on getting thru your talk … I'd love to hear it as my big thing is getting the kids to love reading (all else is in the details).Have fun and you can always nap thru the talks and be ready for the obvious night life!Blessings and hugs ….

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