Daggy in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, hanging out, exploring, on my way to Cebu for the Kumon conference.

And being a dag. As usual.

I watched Marley and Me at midnight on the overnight flight. And I cried, making the Chinese man next to me look up in concern, offer me a tissue, a drink, a pillow.

It is a film about love, about relationship, about marriage and family, about loss..oh, and a dog features, too!

Arrived in Hong Kong at five am local time..caught the train to Hong Kong central and met a friendly Chinese lady on the trip. Explored the city area, had breakfast at Starbucks, went to Soho, caught the bus to Repulse Beach..where I became even daggier. It poured. Literally. I became wet, bedraggled. But I had drumstick ice cream – something I would never let myself eat at home!

When did the rain stop? When I got back on the bus to return to Hong Kong city. When did the rain start? When I got to Repulse Beach, of course!

Loved the shops and buildings and scenery in Hong Kong. And on my way back to the airport, on the train ( which is where I am now, waiting for the next flight)..I was picked by a train official to complete a survey! On why I chose the train, public transport, and not the airport shuttle bus. On my impressions of the travel. Fun!

Conference registration tonight in looks like I can attend mass there, too, today for the Sacred Heart and tomorrow for the Immaculate Heart. Maybe I will catch up on sleep before my talk tomorrow afternoon. Five Steps of Jet Plane Progress for the Native Language Programme. In other words, five steps to help children maximise their potentual through the Kumon English programme.


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