Making cookies ~ and maths

Don’t make cookies to teach math. Make cookies because they taste good.
My Five Best Homeschooling Tips
I love this quote. It paints a picture of how I feel I should live, as an unschooler. Interested in life, yes. Learning and teaching naturally, yes. But avoiding those overly contrived situations. Avoiding making everything a teachable moment.

Everything IS a teachable moment. We don’t have to contrive to make it so.

Sometimes, just living together is what we need. What counts.

6 thoughts on “Making cookies ~ and maths”

  1. I love this quote. Down with unit studies and contrived experiences that really don't do much for the child at all- or at least not nearly as much as the effort spent would warrant.Let them make their own links! And enjoy cookies for what they are- yummy things.Pam

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