The Brisbane area was home to the Jagera and Turrbal Aboriginal clans, before the coming of the Europeans.

Brisbane started as a penal settlement.Surveyor General Oxley first surveyed the area in 1823. Oxley was told of a river; he found the river and named the area after the then Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Today I am exploring Brisbane. By Myself. And I feel like a lady of leisure. Lazy even. Here in Ipswich, gonna do a workout, have breakfast at the motel restaurant, then catch a train to Brisbane. Dh is off to work already – left very early this morning.

I’ve been to Brisbane before but want to do some more exploring. Shopping. Maybe getting my nails done – dh loves purple nails, that witchy look! Hopefully Mass at the Cathedral. Reading. Catching up on my Kumon maths study ( I am SO industrious!).Texting children ( are you alright? Without me? ..I sound like Eminem..)Meeting dh after work, late tonight. He will drive and meet me in Brisbane for a late dinner ( what else is new?) and maybe a movie.

Right now, am blogging, after a leisurely shower,prayers, reading the papers and while sipping tea.

Feel downright decadent.

Decadent in Brisbane. Or I should say Ipswich.

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