African Curry

Today we remember St Charles Lwanga and companions. African martyrs for their faith.

And I am planning on making an African Curry for dinner, to read aloud about these martyrs and maybe drag out some information on Africa from our Geographical Encyclopedia.

On June 3, the martyrs were brought out, wrapped in reed mats, and placed on the pyre. Mbaga was killed first by order of his father, the chief executioner, who had tried one last time to change his son’s mind. The rest were burned to death. Thirteen Catholics and eleven Protestants died. They died calling on the name of Jesus and proclaiming, “You can burn our bodies, but you cannot harm our souls.”

When the White Fathers were expelled from the country, the new Christians carried on their work, translating and printing the catechism into their natively language and giving secret instruction on the faith. Without priests, liturgy, and sacraments their faith, intelligence, courage, and wisdom kept the Catholic Church alive and growing in Uganda. When the White Fathers returned after King Mwanga’s death, they found five hundred Christians and one thousand catchumens waiting for them. The twenty-two Catholic martyrs of the Uganda persecution were canonized.


8 thoughts on “African Curry”

  1. Here's African Curry Ala Malawi:Some tomatoes–choppedSome onion–choppedREally heavy cooking oilRock salt or Kosher saltPeeled 1/2-d hard boiled eggsHeat the motor, ah cooking oil, till it nearly smokes, toss in the tomatoes and onion and cook till it's sauce. Add too much salt. Oh, if you have it, you COULD add curry or tumeric, but it's purely optional. Arrange the eggs nicely on the sauce. Serve with rice for company, nsima [maize porriage] for family.

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