This time last year.

This time last year, we were making anzac cookies and a dragon cake for the feast of St George, Anthony’s Confirmation saint. Cooking risi et bisi for the feast of St Mark and bread to remember St Zita.

And we were preparing for a parish mission and surgery for me.

What have we done this year? Went to an Anzac Day ceremony ~ yes, we were late ~ yes, it was my fault ~ yes, I got into trouble for being late again and trying again to do-too-much-in-too-small-a-space-of-time ~ but, no, we didn’t miss all the ceremony and we certainly enjoyed the sausage sizzle after, meeting new people.

We prayed for those who have died in war…we read about St George and St Mark and St Fidelus..we put together an Anzac Day bulletin board and a table centrepiece with our Easter candle, flowers from the autumn garden, an Australian flag for Anzac Day and the book Vendela in Venice for St Mark.

I made an Aussie, Anglo, dinner, as another way to celebrate Anzac day. After a house blessing by one of the friars. Hey, we even had our new lemon tree blessed! Thank you, Fr!

An Aussie-ish dinner? Pea soup, damper, steak, sausages, onions, meat pie and chips ( both home-made! Can you believe it??), a big salad, rolls, pavlova slice and anzac cookies and lamingtons that I made myself.

With fun..

5 thoughts on “This time last year.”

  1. You didn’t miss all the ceremony like Liv and I. “Amen”.I wondered what Father Benedict was doing. Now I get it. That lemon tree should bear good fruit.

  2. I’ve learned even more about Anzac Day from Jeanne and her lovely posts at Peaceful Day. I really like the lovely tribute dinner you prepared. Patriotism IS important in our lives–I love seeing how others celebrate it. Now, what in the world is a “sausage sizzle”????

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