A Blessing

Today, no, tonight, we received a super, fantastic, incredible, special early wedding anniversary gift.

On April 7, next week, it is our wedding anniversary ~ thirty (yes, thirty, you read right), thirty years of marriage.

After Mass tonight, two friars from our parish trudged through the rain to bring dh and I this memorable gift.

An Apostolic Blessing.

Papal Blessings are a privilege. We received this blessing tonight, this lovely document certifying that the Holy Father has bestowed his apostolic blessing, as a gift for our anniversary day.
We are truly blessed. And I can’t say a proper enough, a suitable enough, a sufficent thank you.
Where would our family be without the friars in our parish?

9 thoughts on “A Blessing”

  1. Lisa, thanks! And you are right, it *is* an honour..Fr, very sweet, very nice. But truly the friars have been a great example for us, the whole time we’ve been in Sydney..I went from being in a not so good state spiritually to, well, a work in progress but definitely getting there. It’s all the masses and prayers and, yes, good works. Suuport. Friendship.

  2. How beautiful, and how deserving!!! May God continue to bless you for the next 30+ years!!Elizabeth (14) received an Apostolic Blessing from the Holy Father last year and it was only then that I discovered what a privilege it is.

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