A birthday gift from a dear friend and her family. A 1959 collector’s edition of Barbie. Hey Barbie and Madonna and I are all 50!

I always wanted a Barbie as a child, never got one. I always wanted to have children who would play with Barbies and my boys were never into that. Now I finally have a Barbie, my first Barbie ever!

Talk about excitement…

10 thoughts on “Barbie”

  1. Awesome–some pretty well perserved dames, too! I’ll see if my Mommy will sew her some clothes for your next birthday to compesate for the deprivation in childhood! [hahah] Lisa

  2. Thanks Maria – and orange is a really gorgeous colour , isn’t it, very trendy..btw, couldn’t participate in your pay it forward idea as I REALLY can’t do art and cratf so no one would want a hand made gift from me. Truly! Lisa – well preserved??? lmao! Thanx for th clothes idea, lol!

  3. I’ve had my eye on that Barbie for some time – she is seriously stylish! Lucky you. Maybe next birthday you will get a lovely pink convertible for her to go for racy drives in the country…

  4. Happy birthday, Leonie!!! Love the vintage Barbie…in fact I just love vintage cause it’s got class. So you my friend are indeed classy!! (remember I too am 50…so I can recognise class 😉

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