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The Irish and the French

Today at French class, we learned French.
Yes. But we also celebrated St Patrick’s Day. With green balloons (singing quatre vingt dix neuf ballons verts), green snakes with French proverbs…green eyeshadow…for mum.

Peppermint mud cake with green peppermint chips…and hearing about St Patrick.

Tonight at Mass we heard more about St Patrick, about the shamrock and the Trinity, about being an example of Christianity…..after Mass, we had green seven herb vichysoisse….

And Bailey’s Irish Cream for the adults….
With a choice of green peppermint chocolate ice cream or green pistachio gelato for dessert…with our Saints books, turned to the pages for St Patrick…singing songs by Irish bands on Singstar..and the Breastplate of St Patrick.
The Lorica, or Breastplate, of Saint Patrick is best known for only one of its verses (the one that begins “Christ with me”). But the full version incorporates all the elements of Catholic morning prayer: It is an Act of Faith (expressing the teaching on the Trinity and on Christ); an Act of Hope (in God’s protection throughout the day and throughout life, as well as in eternal eternal salvation); and an Act of Charity (in the love expressed for God). It is, therefore, an ideal morning prayer, especially for those who have a devotion to Saint Patrick.

4 thoughts on “The Irish and the French”

  1. Happy St Pats to both! Btw Molly if you want help converting a metric recipe let me know..And Chris, thanks to you and teen group for that tureen. 🙂

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