Science Club

Did I mention that we have started a monthly Science Club? You know, to go to all those places you always say you will go but hardly ever do…To do all those exciting experiments you say you will do but don’t usually make time for…To undertake that cool project your son mentioned ,oh, about, six months ago…

Today’s first Science Club meeting was a trip to Taronga Zoo. A great day! Five families came…

But we didn’t learn anything about Science said one son.
Excuse me! We went to a seals show, a Tassie Devil talk, a giraffe talk, a lion talk, visited the Great Southern Oceans exhibit, went to an arachnid talk…and visited other animals along the way..Plenty of Natural Science there…and we had fun with friends…and ate lunch…
…I learned that when giraffes mate they bang their heads together and this is called necking..A brand new take on both necking and head banging!

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