Bondi Beach

A visit to Bondi.

On the feast of St Peter Damian. A special saint friend of mine. Because he is the patron saint of insomniacs. St. Peter Damian (+21 Feb. 1072), Bishop and Doctor, Cardinal, was a great reformer. In 1823 he was declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Leo XII.

Grant us, we beseech You, Almighty God,eagerly to follow the examples and counsels of blessed Peter the bishop,so that, preferring nothing to Christand always intent upon the service of Your Church,we may be guided through unto the joys of light eternal.

We prayed at a Sung Latin Mass, at St Anne’s in Bondi, a votive mass for St Anne. Hey, my middle name is Ann!

A Votive Mass, that is, a Mass for some private devotion or in some special circumstance, may be said, when the occasion is of great private or public importance, on certain week-days on which no Feast is kept (ferias) and on Feasts of simple or semidouble rite. The Church permits the celebration of the Mass of any Saint as a Votive Mass. Of course such Votive Mass can be said only when the rubrics permit.

And we had a very nice lunch at a cafe at Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach is located in the suburb of Bondi, seven kilometres from the centre of Sydney. Bondi is believed to be an Aboriginal word meaning the sound of breaking waves. There are Aboriginal Rock carvings on the northern end of the beach at Ben Buckler and south of Bondi Beach near McKenzies Beach on the coastal walk.
Bondi Beach is approximately one kilometre long. The width of Bondi Beach averages 50m at the north end, widening out to 100m at the south end. It is the widest beach in the Sydney region.


7 thoughts on “Bondi Beach”

  1. Julie, I forgot how close Bondi is to you!! And Molly, even though its summer here, it was overcast and kind of chilly for me. Everyone else tells me it was humid but I found the breeze cold!

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