The New School Year

The new school year for 2009 in Australia.

Children traipse off to school this week, some yesterday, some today, some tomorrow.

For homeschoolers, the start of a new school year can mean time for planning. To organise curriculum and schedules.

Beverley Paine has many articles on getting started, organising your day, managing clutter, writing your own curriculum…

For unschoolers, life kinda just continues. We do a bit here and a bit there, we read, we watch movies, we talk…Our term time activities start up again and my Kumon gets busier but the essentials remain the same.

Last year, on the official first day of school we had a Not Back To School Day ~ went to the city, to Borders, met a son for lunch at an Italian restaurant….

What are we doing today? I had breakfast at Borders with some ladies from church, kids looked at Borders and shops; came home, did some Maths, I did Kumon, they did some writing, played computer, watchng TV now while I blog..Then work at Kumon this afternoon.

Gee, Borders features a lot in our unschooling. Borders unschooling? A school day at Borders?

So, if you are intrigued , if you are interested in unschooling this year, if you don’t want to go the organisation and curriculum routine, what do you do? You can read our Unschooling Catholics blog. Especially the post on Beginning Unschooling.

6 thoughts on “The New School Year”

  1. A school day at Borders? Brilliant!Amelie had volunteer training at RDA this morning. When it was her turn to share during the icebreaker session she didn’t mention homeschooling at all. She said later it she’d forgotten about it! It’s just life.

  2. This post makes me want ot head to a bookstore and get a steaming cup of java. Could also be the freezing rain and snow we are having. I love reading about your warm summer days and school starting. Makes me realize summer will coem again:)

  3. School day at Border’s is ok with me! Or Half Priced books or ….well just about any good bookstore or library. I’d love to have B do unschooling, but she clings to schoolish routine still!

  4. I love that the only difference “school terms” mean to our lives is that the children we don’t like in our neighbourhood are “unavailable” more often (ie they’re at school) and that all our group activities start again. πŸ™‚ I LOVE back to school! πŸ˜€

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