The Saints

The saints? The Church has venerated Catholic saints since the beginning. The saints are our spiritual guides, our companions on life’s journey. Their experiences show us the path we are to take in our own lives. In profiles of saints, those servants of God, we can find inspiration for us, we can find models of holiness.

We pray with saints, not to them.

Have you ever asked anyone to pray for you when you were having a hard time? Why did you choose to ask that person?
You may have chosen someone you could trust, or someone who understood your problem, or someone who was close to God. Those are all reasons we ask saints to pray for us in times of trouble.

Since saints led holy lives and are close to God , we feel that their prayers are particularly effective. Often we ask particular saints to pray for us if we feel they have a particular interest in our problem.

Why am I writing this? One of our little jaunts on our days away in Wollongong, was to a small, quaint secondhand bookstore. We had discovered this bookstore on our last visit. And today I found an old book, Calendar of Saints. using the older liturgical calendar and with reproductions of famous art. Reproduced in black and white.

An interesting addition to our other Saints and Art book, the one always on display – this uses the new calendar, has different works of art to our new/old book , these are in full, picturesque colour.


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