Gaudete Sunday

Last Sunday.

We, however, lit our rose candle, for Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday in Advent, on Monday.

Rose, a colour for rejoicing, amidst the other purple or violet candles ( penitence) for Advent. Violet, recalling somberness and penance. Rose, which has never enjoyed frequent use, serves as a reminder, by using an unusual color, that we are halfway through a penitential season.
Why have a variety of colour in our church, in our Advent wreath? Well, this gives an outward expression to the character of the mysteries of faith being celebrated ( for example, to Advent and then to Christmas). And it also gives a sense of Christian life and of our passage through the year, the liturgical year. Visual reminders of our journey.

Sunday, however, was just too busy for us to remember to light the rose candle – Mass, junk mail delivery, finishing off the parish newsletter, arriving at church at 4pm to help set up for carols that night.

Fun carols. Fun to be with friends.

Ended up at McDonalds late, after 10.00 pm, for a late dinner, after clean up.


A break mid Advent, similar to the break of Laetare Sunday mid Lent.

Gaudete Sunday, therefore, makes a breaker like Laetare Sunday, about midway through a season which is otherwise of a penitential character, and signifies the nearness of the Lord’s coming.

The spirit of the Office and Liturgy all through Advent is one of expectation and preparation for the Christmas feast as well as for the second coming of Christ, and the penitential exercises suitable to that spirit are thus on Gaudete Sunday suspended, as were, for a while in order to symbolize that joy and gladness in the Promised Redemption which should never be absent from the heart of the faithful. Catholic Encyclopedia


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