Tomorrow is…

…the feast of St Francis Xavier, patron saint of missionaries and tourists.

The tourist part is fitting – I’m off to Japan tomorrow for a Kumon Conference. Fifty years of Kumon, of valuing education and the individual child. Guess what we’ve been reading about this week – Japan, of course!
Very excited. feeling grown up, too, travelling without the family. And nervous – I never go anywhere without my kids! Except hospital…And I’ll miss dh. And Alexander’s first formal…And the feast of St Nicholas, third son’s feast day..And celebrating the Immaculate Conception with the family…

Oh, well. I’ll learn a lot, have fun, do some sightseeing, am catching the bullet train to Nagasaki to see the Shrine of Christian Martyrs, and have arranged to meet some friends in the hotel bar, too. Woo hoo! We all have to grow up sometime. Even me. Even though I’ve been dancing round the kitchen, driving dh mad!

I still have to pack..But have organised some folders, with lists and reminders, for dh and the kids. One for Kumon. One for Home. See above?

And had some streaks put in my hair today. Now I really look like a witch, with my almost black nail polish and streaky hair…the witch of Kumon….

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow is…”

  1. First, you do NOT look like a witch — you look great!Second, Japan won’t know what hit them ….Have a blast and we’ll pray that all goes well at home and abroad.

  2. You look so pretty, Leonie!! You’ll have such a blast. I had never traveled alone before I went to China 10 years ago to bring home our now 17 y.o. dd. I had fun and felt pretty much like Superwoman that I went alone. Seven years ago I went back alone to bring home dd now 16. The second time I went without a travel group and enjoyed every single second. I missed dh and dc but that’s what phone cards or Skype are for. You’ll be so proud of yourself for “adventuring”. I’ll pray that you have a safe but exciting trip and love every moment. Mary G is right–Japan doesn’t know what’s coming, but it sure is something great!!Enjoy,Mary Alice

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