Life According To Abba

Singing to Abba Singstar. Listening to Abba in the car. Being surrounded by the music of Abba makes me see how the lyrics are often appropriate for my life.

Pop music descriptions that fit my life?
Oh yeah.

Mamma Mia
here I go again…

This week there was some unpleasantness. No, not from my sweet family! Some other people not-playing-nicely. Some unjust comments and criticism. And probably some just criticism, too. Hey, I’m not perfect. I’m no saint.

Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense
Building me a fence
Building me a home
Thinking I’d be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules

We’ve spent many years moving around. Lately, I’ve thought that perhaps the time has come for us to stay in one place. Live in one city or area for the rest of our lives. But I realise now that I don’t fit in. That’s okay. If God wants us to move, I know we can be happy anywhere.

Take it now or leave it
Now is all we get
Nothing promised, no regrets
And here we go again,
we know the start,
we know the end
Masters of the scene
We’ve done it all before

No regrets. I have a pretty cool life, I am who I am, always growing and learning and trying to be better for sure. But still me. Like it or not. I can’t please everyone. Experience has shown me it is best to pray, trust and move on.

You can dance,
you can jive,
having the time of your life
See that girl,
watch that scene,
diggin’ the Dancing Queen

I play music, I dance and sing with the kids. Life is too short to be down! As Billy Blanks ( Taebo) says Every day above ground is a blessed day! I am blessed with a good dh and nice kids and with homeschooling and spending time with friends and with a job I love. And a prayerful parish. Who can ask for more?

Tonight the Super Trouper
lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
Smiling, having fun
Feeling like a number one
Tonight theSuper Trouper
beams are gonna blind me
But I won’t feel blue
Like I always do
Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you

17 thoughts on “Life According To Abba”

  1. Leonie — love the ABBA excerpts and “you want I should rough up some of those criticizers for ya?”Knowing God will show you the way and wishing we were closer than half-way round the world, all I can send are cyber hugs …Hang in there and ignore those who don’t want to play nice.

  2. Ha, ha! I enjoyed the flashback, and I got a smile out of the meaning behind it. Good lesson for the day, and we’re enjoying your one-of-a-kind style. Keep it up!

  3. Glad you all enjoyed the Abba lyrics – now go and play an Abba CD for your kids! lol! See the depth of the lyrics – literary analysis you know. :-)And Mary, your hugs are really appreciated.

  4. Oh yeah, I wonder if we should just put down roots and stay in one place…but I just don’t fit in. My dh just doesn’t fit in- and I fear my dd has inherited it too!oh dear, what’s a gal to do – yep, pray, get my knees dirty while going to God…and get on with living life.Bless you sweet Leonie,Susan

  5. Fitting in!!!!I gave up on that a long time ago, Leonie!I think life is more like an adventure game, where you go through all these obstacles, in trying to find those pieces that were meant to be searched out for your mission in life (and in God’s plan for you) and find and put them together! That’s your measure of success!It really isn’t easy pleasing ANYBODY these days, that’s why it’s so good when you do find ‘those little pieces’ and slowly join them up!Don’t you dare move for the wrong reasons…there is no greater pleasure that ‘thugs’ get than thinking they can push people around and get to them! The person that stands up to bring about change and depth to things is always an EASY target! There are those who love to watch them from the sidelines and try to shoot them down.Pompous self-righteousness most of the time!Let’s pray for them (I say with a “I must repent” snarl…just joking…uhumm) and pray God’s will for your family BUT on the side I’ll be praying that God keep you with us…if that’s His will! I’ve shared with you before how I love ‘the gush of fresh air’ that you ARE! You were always sure of yourselfNow I see…you’ve broken a featherI hope we can patch it up together!”Chiquitita…you and I knowThat the heartaches come and they go and the scars they’re leavingYou’ll be dancing once again and the pain will endYou will have no time for grieving…Let me hear you sing once more, like you did beforeSing a new song…Chi..qui..ti..ta!

  6. I don’t fit in either and that is why it is so special to find a kindred spirit in you. I don’t know what these people have said but don’t let them influence you. I know myself and our true friends appreciate you for who you are. Especially, don’t let them influence where you should live. God can use you to teach them here.

  7. Susan, I always thought we were alike – even with our many moves! Pam – just got your email and sent a reply. Julie, loved your use of lyris, too. Very helpful, sometimes songs say it best. And, no, I won’t move for the wrong reasons but at least now realise that maybe settling here is not what God wants. I’m open, if you like, whereas before I felt this could be home, now I see it might not be, if God wants. Maybe criticism and not fitting in is a sign? Cryptic, huh? Chris – those Anne kindred spirits again! 🙂

  8. “but at least now realise that maybe settling here is not what God wants.” All because of one uncharitable person/comment!!!… come on Leonie I thought you were stronger than that! You may consider that comment harsh, but to have such doubts due to a sucky week and due to uncharitable people gives them so much power over you, which is not theirs to exercise.. it’s YOURS! and given to you by God out of love for you. Take back that power! BLV

  9. I am a strong person ( sometimes to my detriment! lol!) but sometimes get so fraking tired of being strong. Sorry, but there it is. 😦 It’s been a combinatio of criticisms, not just one thing, but a lot lately. A person would be mad or self centred not to look at themselves and at their situation when things happen in a series.But I understand what you mean…And thanks. 🙂

  10. And – that comment was a good kick in the a##. I’ll just sing with Singstar and everyone else can frak off! lol! But, seriously, I do need to look at myself. And at why I don’t fit in. And where to from here, where to live, who I am…

  11. And you know what, everywhere you go there’ll be people like that or saying things like that. It isn’t just here. It’s life. God’ll let you know when it’s a good time, a right time. I hope it will be a positive thing for you and not a negative thing.Pam

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